Legal Services

Юридическая помощьOur agency ‘ASLANIDISESTATE‘ has a special support department of qualified professionals to provide you all necessary legal assistance, whether for private or corporative aims on Crete island. To formalise buying and selling property agreements we provide an experienced attorney for all steps of this process. This service includes and is not limited to:

  • cross-checking the property and land regarding legal encumbrances for the past 20 years – especially concerning debts, mortgages, any imposed provisional arrest, any pledges to third parties, any existent inheritance rights from third parties and their claims; as well as legalities of land ownership and legitimacy to property ownership

  • preparation and finalisation of property acquisition agreements;

  • registration into the Cadastral Register via State Registration Service and formalising ownership rights for the new property owner.

Likewise we would be delighted to assist you in registration of legal entities under the Greek law; and organisation of visitors’ visa or residency permit for Greece.


Aslanidis Estate in Crete