Requirements for document translation. Associated costs for residency permits

Requirements for document translation and accredited institutions.

All documents that are to be submitted for residency permit processing must be in Greek, with exception of originals issued by a foreign government body which are either

a) apostilled i.e. given an Apostille of Hague Convention if the document is from a country that undersigned this Convention and enabled notaries to issue apostilles for verification of authenticity


b) in rare exceptions verified by the respective consulate.

For Apostille: Greek government divisions accept apostilled documents unless such a document is from a country that is listed in special circumstance list by Greece

For consulate verification: documents that are issued by countries that have not undersigned the Hague Convention must be verified by a Greek consulate in such country

Translation of official documents can be conducted either by

a) the translation service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs


b) a lawyer who is admitted to the Greek Association of Attorneys which certifies the expert’s signature.

Costs associated with residency permit issuance in case of property acquisition.

Applicable individuals must pay a government fee of 500 Euro for processing a 5 year residency permit, aside from all necessary translation of documents.

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