Rent car

Аренда АвтомобиляRenting a car on Crete does not require a lot of effort or time. Rental agencies can be found everywhere, be it a city or a seaside village.  With so much choice you can select what you need and at a price that suits you.

You will need to produce a driving license from your country of residence and, if your country is not within the European Union, an international driving license.  You pay in advance for the rental period and negotiate how much petrol you must leave in the car when you return it.  Also, you will be informed about the insurance cover, which is mandatory.

It is worth checking the details of the insurance cover to see if there are any unexpected areas that are not covered. Full insurance does not necessarily mean that all damage will be covered as some may be considered the driver’s negligence.   Ask if you are unsure of anything as you do not want any unpleasant surprises while on holiday on this wonderful island.

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