Introductory tours for property acquisition

In order to purchase a cosy home on Crete island, one is wise to visit first. The best way to do so is via an organised tour, when you get a chance to see for yourself the house or apartment that you are interested in – and that may differ from uploaded photos you saw on the web. You would be able to survey the surrounding areas, with all existing infrastructures and distances to nature and beach resorts. All properties are valued in accordance of their window views onto seashore or olive groves. Therefore an introductory tour is best for investing individuals or commercially interested companies in order to purchase exactly what is desired among all existing options.

Our agency ‘Aslanidis Estate’ offers all-inclusive service packages for comfortable and efficient exploration of the island. We have qualified English-speaking staff who manage your journey from booking of travel to returning home, and everything in between. This means that no wish is too grand, and all of your needs will be met whenever and however you desire. We meet you arriving at the airport on Crete, transfer you towards your chosen villa, hotel or apartment, and provide you with a translating guide for the duration of your stay. All property visits shall be organised in comfortable timing to suit your requests, even during holiday or weekends when you inform us ahead of time. We will do our best to plan an optimal schedule for you, confirming all details prior to your journey. Usually our tours last 3-4 days, and we are able to extend those individually if desired. During your viewings you will have the possibility to take pictures and videos of all surroundings and details for later recollection. Many clients prefer to have a mini-break alongside of viewing properties, which then allows you to relax and reflect about available options, and if necessary make renewed inquiries with us or even proceed to making a purchase of ownership.

In order to allow you a smoothly organised tour, please proceed as follows:

  1. Contact us at Aslanidis Estate in order to express preferences for visitation dates and properties of interest.

    If desired, also contact us about help with booking of

    2. flight fares;

    3. holiday stay;

    4. and visa support, if applicable to your nationality.

A purchase of property worth no less than 250 000 Euro is not only a place to visit for long-stay holidays, but also a reason to obtain a 5-year residency permit for Greece and to extend it when needed, so long as you remain in property ownership. Our agency is able to support you in every step of the property purchase process, lending you experienced attorneys, notaries, property managers inclusive of letting support services for the duration of your absence.

‘Aslanidis Estate’ stands for dreams-come-true values in properties on Crete island – a region that has a long and incredibly varied cultural history set in amazingly beautiful landscapes of mountains and sea, with an average of 300 days of sun annually, hundreds of cosy rural villages, and in between evergreen olive groves (producing the best quality oil worldwide!) and wine grapes, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. This island is blessed with two international airports in Heraklion and Chania along with a ship port commuting to other islands and mainland Europe. And – the lowest rate of criminal activity in the European Union; this fact alone ensues a growing number of investors purchasing properties on this island for either private ownership or commercial activity.

Aslanidis Estate in Crete