Costs of maintaining a property in Greece

Filing taxesThe annual cost of maintaining your own apartment or house in Greece includes the following payments:

1. The local municipal property tax. This depends on the total area of ​​the property declared to the municipality, charged per square metre.  This tax is included in the electricity bill.

2. Property Tax. This is based on the total area of ​​the property declared to the municipality. Tax is charged in 5 instalments throughout the year and included in the electricity bill. Property worth more than 400,000 euros is subject to an additional tax on the property after paying the basic property tax.

3. Electricty supply.  Electricity bills in Greece are issued every 2 months. The first account is an estimate and is based on the average of energy consumed in the past year. The second is billed based on actual consumption. For a 60 square metre apartment the electricity bill is approximately 100 to 200 € for 4 months . The cost of electricity consumption in Greece for up to 800 kW is – 0.08225 € per 1 kW , from 801 to 1000 kW the cost is 0.010209 €, from 1001 to 1200 KW – 0.01449 €, from 1201 to 1600 KW – 0.01619 €, from 1601 to 2000 kW – 0.11229 €.

4 . Water supply. Invoices are issued quarterly. The first bill comes in April to the amount of € 70, regardless of the size of the apartment and the amount of water consumed.  Further bills are issued on the basis of actual consumption of water (from your installed water metre) and are usually from 10 to 50 €.

5 . Expenditure on common areas (if relevant to your property).  This includes the costs of a gardener, water for irrigation, pool maintenance , etc. Costs are shared between all owners of apartments in the complex of buildings and are generally from 60 to 200 € per year.

6. Sewerage costs. A septic tank is installed for one or more buildings, and this is emptied 1-3 times per year depending on the number of apartments in the building. The vehicle that comes to empty the tank costs 70-80 €, and the costs are shared between all the owners of the apartments. Typically, the cost does not exceed € 50 per year.

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