Stages of construction

Этапы СтроительстваHaving decided to build a house, the first thing you need to do is to appoint an architect or civil engineer  and then to ensure that he will assume all obligations related to the construction, as well as gathering a team of engineers that will turn your dream into reality.

The architect agrees to check contracts and compare them with the topography of the site, finding the right conditions for construction, in accordance with the urban development plan. In other words, the architect or civil engineer gathers all the necessary information regarding the height, space and use of the building to be constructed. Based on this data, your next step is to discuss with the architect how you imagine your future home. If you already have a full understanding of how it will look and you can produce a plan, it is not necessary to refer to the architect if your building is only two storeys.  It will only require the views of a civil engineer to ensure the building will be correctly constructed.  However, be aware that your home must meet the functional requirements of the people who will live in it.

In parallel with the architectural work, a study of the support structure must take place, to plan where the columns and beams will go, this is very important. Then the engineer will produce a plan for the water supply, sewerage system, and insulation of the building.  The engineer will also determine the final cost of the building and related construction licenses and, if you agree, you will more to the next stage – planning permission.

In order to obtain planning permission for your new home a folder must be sent to the local planning department with all the documents relating to the construction of your home and tax-related information (payment schedule).  You will be informed of the remuneration for the architect/engineer and the payment schedule.  Usually there will be a payment due when the site has been measured up.  The engineer will tell you, before you begin construction work, about his fee. Town planning approval means that your building plans are legal and you can begin construction. The building permit is valid for four years, during this time at least the foundations of the building must be completed.  If, during this time, you have a desire to change anything in the project, for example to build a fireplace in the lounge, you will have to apply to town planning, to get permission to revise the construction license.

When you get your planning permission, you are ready to start the construction process.  The architect takes responsibility for ensuring that a construction crew, and later plumbers and electricians are available. The first task is to excavate the foundations which will be made of reinforced concrete, providing strength and stability for the building . The same material is used for the rest of the building, the basic structure, or ‘skeleon’ of the building. Immediately thereafter, construction of the building begins in accordance with the existing plan.  A two-storey building usually takes 3-4 months, it all depends on how smoothly the building works progresses.  Each project is special and has its particular demands. Finally, plastering and rendering take place while carpenters, plumbers, electricians work to transform an simple piece of land into a real home, having ensured that you have a water and electricity supply.

So, after this process your home is ready for you to move in.  The only thing your home needs now is your own imagination to create a tasteful interior and of course the most important thing: care and love. And may you have a happy home!

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