Features building in Crete

Особенности Строительства На КритеYou have decided to build your own home on Crete ? Brilliant! This is a very good investment. The question arises : “Which is the best and most economical way to do this? “. Our company is at your service. We will answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect property.

Company Aslanidis Estate, sells the most exciting projects. We use the most advanced technology in the construction of your property supported by our extensive experience in implementing the ideas of construction, taking into account your  requirements for the implementation of your dream home. Experienced builders and highly skilled architects, using the latest technical solutions and design technology, provide an effective and rapid implementation at the lowest cost.

Before you start building your home of course you need to find the right site and we can help you select the right piece of land and ensure you acquire it with the minimum of hassle.

The buying process follows several stages.  The owner of the site provides a copy of the contract and topographic chart of the area.  Our staff will check the conformity of the existing topography of the plot, as well as the number of square metres allowed for building . The permitted area for building is in direct proportion to the area of ​​the site so to construct a building area of ​​40 square meters, with a coefficient of  0.4 an area of ​​100 square meters is required.

There are two categories for setting limits on the size of a building on a piece of land: land within settlements (built up areas like villages, towns and cities) and land outside the limits of the settlement.  Consequently, there are various coefficients . The coefficient for areas within the city limits are between 0,4-2,4 with possible exceptions upwards. In the case of the land outside the city limits an area of 4000 sq metres is required to build, unless the land is adjacent to a road in which case it may be less.  The building limits may vary depending on where the site is located and can be different, even within the same area.

The allowable area for ​​the future structure is defined as follows:

• in areas up to 4000 sq.m building is permissible up to 200 sq.m.

• in areas from 4000 to 8000 sq m the area allowed = 200 sq.m building + ( area – 4000) * 0.02

• for land of 8000 square meters and more the area = 280 sq.m building + ( area – 8000) * 0.01

The cost of land on Crete depends on various factors, such as proximity to the sea and other settlements, the prestige of the area, having a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and developed infrastructure in the area.

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