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Eco -Pools was developed over 10 years ago for the the growing market of low cost alternatives to the in-ground traditional concrete swimming pool.

The Construction is very similar to that of a log cabin / timber framed home, Timber used is Class 4 treated Spruce and sourced from sustainable forests across Europe & Russia.


The impregnation we use Tanalith E (professional for pressure impregnation), it is chromium free and non-arsenic, it contains copper.

Copper is  widely recognised for its fungicidal properties.

An additional co-biocide (tebuconazole) provides protection against copper-tolerant fungi and enhances termiticidal efficiency

Our Pools can be built in or above ground they are very flexible for all landscape options ! Concrete is not used in the installation therefore the tax and licence authority have classed our pools as a temporary structure (The same as a pergola or timber sun canopy) this is a big saving as the average cost to gain a concrete pool licence in Crete is over € 5,000.00

Like Timber Frame Homes the installation is speedy with the longest job been adding the water!

6.4 x 4.0 pools can be built and commissioned within 3 days on prepared ground and the pool surrounding area can be whatever you choose, decking, grass, loose stones etc.

Soft Touch Option*

We can offer a soft touch option which includes a 6 mm foam underlay applied on a tackifier to the internal walls and the floor of the pool prior to the liner been fitted, this gives a luxury soft feel when using the pool.

All our pools are kept sparkling clean by the use of a Skimmer & Sand filter / pump system which requires very little maintanance and carries a standard 1 year guarantee.

Chemicals to keep the water safe for bathing are added via a dissolving tablet which takes care of all the necessary balances the pool requires.

Any debris / leaves that do not enter the skimmer are removed with the built in suction system, this operation takes approx 1 hr each week to carry out and the sand filter is backwashed and rinsed to ensure maximum operation.

A small stock of pools are stored in Rethymnon and should your preferred model not be available we can order and deliver within 4 weeks in most cases.


Aslanidis Estate in Crete