Construction of lightweight structures

Строительство Легких КонструкцийPrefabricated houses guarantee stability over time in all weather conditions, as well as being fully anti-seismic. This method of construction is becoming more and more popular for two main reasons: firstly, your house will be built relatively quickly to a set timetable; secondly, you will have a property which is built to a high standard and is attractively presented.  An additional advantage of prefabricated housing is the reduced cost of operation and maintenance, as compared to conventional buildings.  So, prefabricated houses are an easy option and are increasingly in demand.

Benefits include :

• High speed of delivery – a matter of a few weeks from start to finish of the project.  For example, a house that is 100 square meters in size will take one month to build on the already established foundations, complete with water and electricity supply.

• Significant cost reduction compared with a conventional structure and delivered exactly to order due to the standardized methods and materials

• Excellent quality of construction – meaning a high standard aesthetically and fully strengthened to be resistant to earthquake and fire, as well as the damaging effects of the environment: high humidity and low temperatures.

• Reduced cost of operation and maintenance – due to the high quality of the build, maintenance costs are low.


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