ChaniaChania is the second largest city in Crete and is set in a very beautiful area of Crete, located on the west of the island, 150 km from the capital Heraklion.

The Chania region is the greenest in Crete as in the winter it rains often . The White Mountains – the main mountain range area – is covered with cypress trees .  Of interest to tourists are some Orthodox churches: the small church of Agia Anargii with Byzantine frescoes and the main church in the town of Three Martyrs. The city has a People’s covered market – the only one in Greece in a cruciform shape, the People’s Garden, founded in 1870 – a real green oasis – is a favorite place for the town citizens . Chania - ElafonisiThe main resort centers are Georgioupolis, Kornas , Chania , Agia Marina , Gerani Paleohra , Sfakia , Elafonisi.

The construction of new facilities, a large choice of properties in the secondary market, great nature – all these are advantages of the area.

Aslanidis Estate in Crete