Stages of buying property Choose and agree to buy a property .

2 . Once a property is selected and your offer has been accepted, two experts are required – a lawyer and a notary . The lawyer will represent the interests of the buyer and provide legal support, and the notary will certify the legality of the transaction . In the case where the buyer can not personally attend the registration of sale, it is possible to buy a property without having to enter Greece. In this case the buyer needs to assign power of attorney to his legal representatives.  A power of attorney can be formulated with notaries in Greece, the Greek consulate in your country or a notary from your country. If the document is drawn up in your country, it must be stamped by the relevant official who you have authorised with power of attorney.

3 . Complete due diligence of the acquired property – this is carried out by a lawyer.

4 . Sign a preliminary private contract between buyer and seller.  This will always be written in both Greek and your own language. Based on this contract, the buyer will transfer funds via a bank to pay for the real estate.

5 . Pay all relevant costs. The setting up of your tax number (TIN) and the opening of bank accounts is the responsibility of the lawyer. All transaction costs are paid before signing the contract.  The lawyer will make all payments, taxes and duties on behalf of a client and all receipts will be brought to the notary.

6. Sign the contract at the notary’s office.

7. Register the property at the land and property registries of the Greek state.

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