Costs associated with formalisation of purchase agreements

  • Mortgage CalculatorPrior to the new regulations, tax payable on property purchase amounted to 8% for properties valued for up to 20 000 Euro and 10% for all properties valued above 20 000 Euro. The new regulation states that tax payable on property purchase is now 3% in all cases regardless of value estimation. Such tax is paid when signing the formal agreement that states transfer of property ownership to the buyer.

  • Lawyer’s fee – (documentation check, tax number registration, Greek bank account registration, signing of purchase agreement, percentage from real estate deal, translation costs, ..) Translation costs of purchase agreement – 250 Euro for 20 pages.

  • Associated costs for notary.

  • Registration into the Cadastral Register is taxed 0.7-0.8% of purchase sum stated in agreement.


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