Construction of ready-cut metal carcass buildings


The most notable quality of such buildings is their carrying metal frame that is filled with ECOBEST insulant made of highly effective heat-keeping panels. This makes homes fully thermo-isolated, which is essential for Cretan homes due to hot summers and quite chilly winters. Additionally these panels are easy and fast to produce by comparison to other more traditional construction methods, which allows to lessen time to a record minimum for completion of a fully-equipped home from beginning of construction. Using a high-quality metal carcass in a defined assembly method will also make a building fully stable which is important.

This construction has two stages:

1) Preparation of building and creation of a ‘box’ that is about constructional design, house foundation, assembly of frame and addition of ECOBEST panels along the whole building parameter and on the insides. The structural support above the foundation – such as any columns and beams – are made from the metal frame in accordance with the constructional design. All works are conducted in accordance with mandatory standards and norms, with a follow-up check on welded seams. The metal is painted twice and applied inside the construction company’s site to avoid moisture contact. At the same time the metal frames are checked and hand-painted on welded and polished points. Outer and inner walls are made from ready-made ECOBEST panels that fit each other. These are accompanied with a certificate

a) of quality ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008
b) from the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) for the energy-saving coefficient Um= 0.165<Ust= 0.17
c) by ΕΚΕΠΥ Α.Ε. (CERECO SA) accredited by the National System of Accreditation Α.Ε. (ESYD) about testing i) compressive strength, ii) burning (ΕΔ-08) at 750*C for 70 minutes, iii) resistance to delamination

d) from the National Technical University about earthquake resistance and e) on ballistic testing

According to the European Directive 89/106/EEC the production and certification of thermo-insulation products from foamed polystyrene EPS is according to ELOT EN 13163 standards.

2) Construction of a fully-equipped house includes the arrangement of roof tiles, facework of house walls, as well as putting in place all systems proving living conditions in house (electricity, water, etc). The facework is done inside and outside with selected materials, which can be chosen from a wide range and allowing a unique outer design exterior.

The main benefit of ready-cut carcass buildings is cost efficiency and achieving a fully-equipped home in minimum record time. As the metal frame is a sort of skeleton for the building, it factors in better stability inclusive for earthquake occurrence. A house built with a metal carcass is going to last long years, providing your family with its ultimate functionality in use.